The Ultimate Guide to Getting Laid in Las Vegas

The world’s #1 destination for bachelor parties, Las Vegas offers everything you could possibly want from adult entertainment… and then some. From high-end escorts to street-side prostitutes, from the world’s most expensive hotel suites to the cheapest motel rooms, you can find it all here in Vegas. But where do you go? And how do you get there? What’s legal and what’s not? And what happens if things go wrong?

Meet with an escort
At Lollipop Escorts, we take a lot of pride in how careful we are with new clients. Each one goes through a rigorous screening process before they’re even allowed to come on our website—that means you can have complete confidence that your escort is both safe and professional. And you’ll find that when it comes time for your appointment, escorts at Lollipop will walk you through every step and make sure everything is comfortable for you. You’ll be left completely satisfied with how friendly and open these girls really are! So whether you want something more vanilla or something out of Fantasy Island, Lollipop Escorts has an escort in Las Vegas who matches your every need!
We know that many women feel uncomfortable approaching brothels because they think men don’t want to be seen going inside them.

Strip Clubs
Even if you’re not looking for a partner, heading to a strip club for bachelor parties and other occasions is almost a rite of passage. And even if you’re just there for fun, there’s no denying that strip clubs are filled with beautiful women who want your attention—and your money. In fact, they’re pretty explicit about wanting both (though it should be noted that tipping on stage is optional). So what do you do? Read on.
Pre-Game: Before showing up at a strip club (especially one that caters to tourists), make sure you know what kind of place it is: Is it more private or raucous? No matter which, try to call ahead and talk with someone who works there; they’ll probably be able to give you insider information on how best to get lucky.
#3 Don’t Be Shy When Talking To The Girls: The cold approach—i.e., approaching women without any sort of prior connection—isn’t always easy. It can feel intimidating, especially if your confidence isn’t at an all-time high.

Swingers Clubs and Parties
There are a lot of swingers clubs and parties available on any given night. You can check out club marquees for events, or you can search online for local swinger websites. Google [City Name] swinging and you’ll see what I mean. Of course, not every city is going to have an active scene, but as a general rule, it’s a good place to start. Escorts: There are plenty of escorts available in just about every city in America. In some parts of the country, they’re easier to find than others, but they’re certainly prevalent enough throughout our fine nation. Again, you’ll want to do your research before booking anything too expensive or elaborate — there are plenty of lower-end options available at very reasonable prices (massage parlors, strip clubs). If all else fails…Check into a hotel! The girls at (almost) every hotel bar will happily sleep with you if they’re so inclined.

Online Dating Apps
Tinder is one of the more popular dating apps for those seeking a fling or an affair. Available as an iOS and Android app, Tinder allows users to connect with others by swiping right (yes) or left (no). If two people both swipe right on each other’s photos, they can start chatting. A second app called Hinge was recently launched, which focuses solely on connecting people through their social media networks. The app hopes that allowing access via LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram will lead to more serious connections. That said, many adults have reported success meeting new people on Tinder and there are even some escort websites like Lollipop Escorts that use it for marketing. Given how informal Tinder sounds you might be tempted to ask why not just call it what it really is: Hookup Apps: Those looking for casual encounters can turn to any number of hookup apps available online.

Dayclubs and Pool Parties
The most popular daytime activities in Las Vegas are swimming pools and day clubs. These parties start early, with many beginning at 10 AM or 11 AM, and last until 7 PM or 8 PM. They are a big scene for singles looking to mingle but keep in mind that drinks can cost $15–$20 each at some of these venues—if you plan on drinking excessively, make sure you bring plenty of cash.
Dayclubs will offer either an all-day wristband or a buy-one-get-one-free pass; if they offer a BOGO deal, it often includes food as well as drinks. The most popular dayclubs include XS at Encore and Tryst at Wynn (which is actually closed for renovations until late 2018). You can also check out Intrigue at Wynn, Marquee at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, TAO Beach at The Venetian, Wet Republic at MGM Grand, and VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub & Dayclub. Most pool parties are held on weekends only.

Adult Massage Parlors
In addition to escort services, there are many local massage parlors and spas that offer sensual body rubs for an hourly rate. They tend to be less expensive than escort services, but you’ll usually have a longer wait for your appointment. Look for Asian or Hispanic-run businesses because they will often employ other women from their community. Many of these businesses are small studios located in strip malls with minimal signage—you can typically spot them by looking for security cameras or peepholes on their exterior doors. If you ask around, someone will know where these places are—or, call us at Lollipop Escorts! 😉